Meeting Minutes

We had a good meeting at Neds on Tuesday attended by Deirdre, Justin, Sean, Andre and myself Herndon: this weeks last event of the year is at Herndon on Saturday. Tee times start at 11, pairings will go out later today. As we only have 24 there will be a $100 first place prize only Raffle: We have now sold over half of the tickets thanks to about 10 members who have stepped up. I need each of you to take some to sell before the drawing on January 23rd. 700 tickets only, first prize $5000, $20 per ticket. The raffle is the reason we can do what we do so sell or buy some!!! Email me please and I will allocate the numbers and we will send you the tickets. If you plan to sell them you don't have to pay now. Top Golf: We will have a winter event the day of the AGM on January 23rd at the new Top Golf in Ashburn. Stay tuned. Winter trip: We are booking 24 spots at the Tallamore Resort in Pinehurst. We will pay the $25 deposit to hold the spots but we need you to confirm by December 31st. 3 days, 2 nights and three rounds for $300. Please confirm when you are ready. March 4/5/6 New course: We voted to swap Laurel Hills for South Riding if we can get the deal we have been promised. 2016 will be a seriously good schedule! Matchplay: Pay out will be made as soon as we collect the few outstanding bids. See you Saturday.
Finance: We have over $2,000 in the bank with the raffle still to come (draw at the AGM in January, details to come soon) Society legal status: We are now in the final stages of becoming a 502 C 3 tax exempt organization. While the application is pending we are allowed operate as a tax exempt entity so we can provide tax receipts for the WW event Matchplay: We have to adjust for Stacey/$325 as he was injured before the event started so the new payouts will be: Quarter final losers $600 each Semi final losers $1200 each Runner up $2975 Winner $4900 Potomac Shores: Shotgun 1pm. We will all finish at the same time so the bar tab will be at the course. Lions v Legends: The event will be on October 3rd. To keep the cost down we will wear team colors but will not buy new shirts this year. Instead we will have something small to identify the teams and as a memento. Including good size bar tabs at Neds the night of the draw and at RF after the event the total cost for 27 holes will be around $160. If you haven't signed up yet please do so now. We are hoping for 20 per side. Away trip: We are planning to go to Charleston the last weekend of February, first weekend of March. Stay tuned for details. WW Event: I will be sending out a separate email in the next 24 hours Dave
We had a meeting last night attended by all committee members except Dave Kane, who decided to spend the evening somewhere on a beach! Mike Pollino and Robin also attended for the Wounded Warrior discussion. Finance: Bank account is healthy, all dues paid up. Matchplay bids need to be paid, separate email sent to those who owe Membership: Carl Morris and Chris Williams were voted in as full members....welcome guys! Adjustments for different tees: We have a lively discussion regarding adjustments for different tees. This was officially raised by a member and was therefore discussed as is the process. The issue is that each tee has a separate course rating. As the men all play from the same tees this has not been an issue but when the course adjusts for the ladies the indexes are adjusted for slope but not for the different rating. In future this may be an issue for men also if we have, for example, seniors playing off whites when the rest play off blues. There is a specific rule in the USGA rules as to how to deal with this. Having discussed this in detail it was decided to leave things as they are and, if next year's committee, wants to address this they are free to do so Strokeplay: We will be using 8/1 indexes so there may be slight adjustments for handicaps and tee times. Please arrive at the scheduled time, at most you might be in a group one away from where you are currently placed. The Sunday rounds will not go towards the year long stableford tournament. There will be no CTP prizes and the complimentary foursomes will be put in the WW auction Year long flight competition: As there will be no stableford event during the WW tournament, the qualification for this event will be the average of three best rounds not four WW event: This will be played in a Captain's choice format and will be a shotgun. See separate email for details and help needed. We need support from ALL of you. Matchplay: The Final four has been decided.Semi-finals will take place in August, Robin v Mike F and yours truly v Stevie O’Faolain’s challenge: We have been challenged to a match against O'Faolain's Irish pub. We are looking at the 19th September. Details to follow. The team will be selected on a first come basis. Ryder Cup/Lions and Legends: We have decided to change the Ryder Cup to a Lions v Legends (basically old v Young). We will have 20 a side… please email me if you want to participate. The event will be played over 27 holes on the 3rd October. The teams will be selected on a first come first serve basis so let me know if you want to play. After sign up is complete we will make the cut for the teams based on age. I will captain the Legends and Justin will captain the Lions. If more than 40 sign up we will make a cut based on participation year to date. Winter trip: We are going to try yet again to have a winter trip, possible to Charleston.We had a great time there previously and there are cheap direct flight. We are looking at late February, early March Charitable organization: We have started the process to become an official tax exempt organization. Dave

We had a committee meeting last night attended by me, Mike, Sean, Deirdre, Justin and special guest Mike Pollino.

Finance: We have a healthy bank balance and everyone has paid their dues......THANK YOU!

Matchplay payments overdue: We are still owed a lot of bid money. I will be emailing separately but please pay NOW. Your amounts owed are set up on square and can be accessed through the website.

Pleasant Valley: We are all set (third time lucky) for the 11th. Email me if you want in. I will go first and collect cards, Mike will help start.

Venue change: We have swapped Reston for Lansdowne and swapped the date with Heritage Hunt. Lansdowne will be the host of our Wounded Warrior event on September 26th. A separate email will be out later today for the most important event.

Fisher House: Thanks to the extra $5 some of you are paying each event and the proceeds from the foursome auction we have now sent over $1000 to Fisher House this year already.

We had a meeting on Wednesday 4/22 attended by all the committee except Andre and Deirdre.Membership: We are now up to 75 members. Erik Wang, Brian Creasy, Mark Manns, Nick Guthrie, Mark Sutherland, Bob Avila, Mike Ivey, Mark Murphy, Robbie Horstman, Travis Ollum, Brandon Stacy, Carl Thomas were all approved for Membership

Old Hickory: We have 42 signed up. We will play the white tees and prizes will be the max of $2350, $130 and $80. Dave Kane will be the starter and Mike will collect the cards.

Fisher House: We sent $400 last month as a result of the additional $5 for the event and the auction of the Westfields foursome.Business to business: By next month we will have a link on the site to our members/sponsors page. With 75 members there is potential that other members have a need for your services. For example, Sean our web man, sponsored last month and already has a lead for business. More details will follow.

WW event at Potomac Shores: We will be putting a serious effort into making this event a great success. We will have representatives from FH along with 4 WWs. Mike Pollino, who is an ardent supporter of Wounded Warriors is going to attend our next meeting and has agreed to be on a sub-committee to plan this event. We have raised over $20 in one year and nearly $60k in total so we will have some lofty goals for this year. Please start thinking about how you can get involved or how you can get your company involved. More to follow.

Raffle: The raffle will again be held at the AGM in January. Tickets will be available around September


We have a very healthy balance. thanks to those who have paid dues already.
For the rest of you please do so now. Payment instructions have been sent separately

We are now at a healthy 69 thanks to all the new members.

We have 59 signed up a record turnout
We will be playing even if it rains so if you have signed up you will have to pay
Mike Foster is the starter and will be hustling you to the tee. We are using 8 minute apart times
We will be playing the white tees for the men and reds for the ladies
The format is stableford. 4pts for net eagle, 3 for net birdie, 2 for net par and 1 for net bogey and -1 for anything worse than a net triple bogey
If you have already scored a -1 PLEASE pick up! DO NOT play on in the woods!
Remember stroke AND distance. If you think you are OB or lost, hit a provisional. If you do not and lose your ball you have to go back to the tee which wastes time, this is why the provisional rule was introduced
If your group if falling behind I have instructed the marshals to move you along. A second warning will ensure that you will all have to pick up and move to the next tee thereby earning a -1
Playing fast is a courtesy to every other golfer, you do NOT need four practice swings
For new members, slow play is just about the only reason that membership will be denied (other than removing all your clothes on the course!)
Please mark your cards with gross score, net score (the cards will be marked where you have strokes) and points. This makes it so much easier for our scorers.
Dave Kane will play first and will collect the cards at the end
Prizes are $250 for first, $130 for second, $80 for third and two free rounds at Westfields for each closest to the pin winner
POST YOUR SCORE IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU FINISH. You can use the computer in the pro shop or download the app and do it on line. Remember to post as a tournament round not home or away
This year please post EVERY round you play no matter how high or how low. It IMPORTANT!
If you don't post a tournament score you cannot win the next event
If we hear you had a great round during the month we will check to make sure you posted it and if you haven't, Mike, as Handicap Chair is authorized to adjust your handicap
We play for a lot of money so do the right thing!
Year long flight tournament:
Every tournament score will be tallied and at the end of the year the four best average scores will win $500, $400, $300 and $100 respectively
Business to business promotion and Sponsorship:
There is a sponsor link on the site with various sponsor levels
Many thanks to Sean Foster who is sponsoring $150 toward the bar tab, so thank him and, if you need any web design work, use him!
Sean is creating a separate link and page for members to promote their business to other members
If you need painting, or tax advice or a realtor, why not use a member?
For a $300 event sponsorship you will be featured on the front page for the year with a link to your business card, short description of services and a web link on our member business promotion page
For $50 you can place your card, description of services and a link to your website for a year
The front page will have a prominent link to the members business promotion page
Please consider this and the committee will promote your business as best we can
Fisher House:
We are making a concerted effort to raise our donation level to Fisher House this year
I have asked each course to give us an additional foursome which we will auction after each event and the bid price will go 100% to Fisher House
When you sign up for each event there is an option to pay $85 $5 of which will go to The Fisher House
The Potomac Shores event will be our official Wounded Warrior event and 4 wounded warriors and representatives from Fisher House will be playing. We will be asking for donations during that event
The draw will take place immediately after Westfields
The auction will start at approximately 7.30
If you are out bid the owner must sell you a half back
If you cannot attend please email me with your maximum bid
We have 44 currently signed up so 24 players will play a play in round to fill the 12 spaces in the round of 32 along with the 20 will will get byes. Three matches will be in each quadrant
For seeding we will split the players by handicap and an equal amount of high and low will be placed in each quadrant. After that, the draw will be random
Deirdre will be available to take payments that evening, payment must be received by the first match
You will have one month to play each round
The latest member directors will be up on the website (password neds) both players have the responsibility to make contact with their opponent
You can play at any of the home courses but if you can't agree then Bull Run is the default
You take the low index adjusted to the course and tees where you are playing. Subtract the low from the high and take 85%. .5 rounds up and that is the amount of strokes the higher handicap gets starting on the lowest handicap hole
The prizes will be announced after we tally the bids
We will publish the indexes after Aprils 1st and that is the index you use for the whole not change index when the system changes mid month
Home courses:
For new members especially, remember that you will get 20% discount year round at Old Hickory, Raspberry and Bull Run by simply telling them you are a Neds member and showing ID
Inter Pub tournament:
We hope to have our next inter pub event in mid May, stay tuned
Welcome to the 2015 season! Hit 'em well and QUICKLY!

We had our first meeting last night with everyone except Andre present.

  • We have a very health bank balance after having paid Fisher House and all prize money. All monies due from 2014 have been collected bar one amount outstanding (we know who you are! :) )
  • Key to financial health this year is the prompt payment for all events. We lost at least 4 event payments due from people who didn't pay and then we all lost track. As Deirdre and I don't sit for two hours at the events any more we need for everyone to pay on line BEFORE each event. Its really very simple.
  • We now have 66 active members. We lost a few who moved away or quit but we have 9 new members and 3 returning ones. Welcome to Mike Murphy, Bill Matlack, Bob Avila, Nick Guthrie, Mark Manns, Mark Sutherland (three more will be confirmed shortly) and welcome back to Clint, Blake Zach, Michael Yohe and Chris Harris. $25 for each new member will be credited to the members who introduced them
  • Attached is the latest membership directory which will be posted to the members section of the website. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE and review the data and email me with missing or changed data. This is very important.
  • We have created an additional membership category, namely injured reserve which will allow injured members to maintain membership and a handicap. Chris Reseigh, who has been struggling with knee problems is the first to take advantage of this new category
  • Dominion Valley:
  • We are committed to having an introductory event before the official season starts at the Dominion Valley Executive course featuring an island green! I will give you one weeks notice based on the weather forecast. The cost will be $50 including drinks and prizes
Westfields and future tournaments:
  • The official kick off is on March 21st.
  • The fee will again $80 for range privileges, golf. prizes and drinks
  • Prizes for the season will be based on a % of the number of players and will be announced with the pairings each event
Paddy Fitzpatrick Memorial Matchplay auction and draw:
  • The auction and draw will take place at the party after Westfields. Stay tuned for details
  • In response to the issue raised at the AGM this year and last the committee decided to compromise. This year the % adjustment will be 85% rather than 80%. We are unanimous that there must be an adjustment as higher handicaps can have blow up holes which can hurts by 5 or more strokes in strokeplay but only by one hole in matchplay. We trust higher handicaps will appreciate this adjustment and appreciate the input.
  • Wounded Warrior/Fisher House tournament
    • We decided that we cannot have a full scale WW event as we did several years ago. However, we have designated the August Potomac Shores as a Wounded Warrior event. Fisher House ( will have several representatives and we hope to have a few actual wounded warriors in the field
    • We will use the event for the opportunity for everyone to donate. The society will also make a donation. Let's see if we can raise a lot of money that weekend for this great cause.
    • Sean has done an incredible job with the website
    • Take a tour, you will be impressed
    • The ability to sponsor a regular event, the strokeplay or the after parties has already led to two commitments of sponsorship totaling $450. This will be a huge benefit to the society. The sponsors will get their publicity when the deals are consummated!!
  • Now that we have the link please consider sponsoring or asking your friends or employers to sponsor In return the sponsor will have controlled access to our membership or 70 or so local professionals so there should be some benefit to be had for certain types of business
  • Business to business marketing:
    • We have talked about this for years but with the updated website we can actually do this. At the next meeting we will formalize details but we will have a facility for a small fee for members to add a business card and short bio to the site. It makes total sense that a member looking for a realtor or a plumber or a tax accountant should be able to consider a member who provides such services

    We had a fantastic meeting yesterday. Thanks to the 38 who showed up plus 5 prospective members! I believe a good time was had by all!

    • We have a healthy bank balance after all prizes and the raffle winnings were paid out
    • We are donating $1500 to The Fisher House
    • We have added Westfields and Potomac Shores to the schedule as well as Herndon and have put the close ones (Herndon and Reston) in the October and November slots in the hope we get a better turnout in those two months.
    • We have an opportunity at short notice to play Dominion Valley's executive par 62 course in February or March. Stay tuned
    • Dave Kane and Gibby LeBoeuf were added to the committee to replace Wayne and Jamie. Thanks to both for their service
    • The Charlotte trip was discussed. Please let me know if you want to join us
    • The inter pub challenge was a great success and we want to have multiple events this year
    • There was good discussion on some key issues: Replacing the Ryder Cup with Lions and Legends (older v younger) to bring more members into consideration (raised by Jack) and doing away with the 80% rule for the matchplay (raised by Todd). The committee will review both these discussions.
    • Pat O'Day won member of the year for selling 75 raffle tickets!
    • Jamie won most improved
    • EVERY raffle ticket was sold thanks to Pat and everyone else. Many members were recognized as having sold ten or more. Apologies to Dave Baron who was omitted and who sold 18!
    • Jay Collins' neighbor won the $4000. Jamie, myself, Dom Alario's mom and Al Gnadt won the consolation $100 along with one other who's name i have forgotten

    Thanks again for your support and here's to a great 2015. See you soon.

    Click to download the AGM Presentation