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We have 70 members and welcome approved new member Peter Schoenbucher and pending members Carley Fortier and John Davis. The pending members will be voted on at the next meeting after fulfilling the rule of playing with a committee member and bring approved. We welcome back Johnny Carothers, Steve Fields and George Bowns (Happy Birthday George!).

We had a lengthy discussion continuing the theme raised by Jack at the AGM, namely are we a league or a society. To sum up we recognize that there will be many times and reasons that players don't come back to Ned's after an event (course played is close to home, kids functions, wife/husband pressure! etc) but we also restated the original intent (see front page of website) of Golf, Craic and Camaraderie. As an interesting aside Dom, who is a mapping guy, is going to develop a map showing where members live. We want to encourage as many players as possible to come back to Ned's and Dom/Brian are considering ways to encourage that. We also want to stress to new members the importance of being a part of a society and what that means.


The WW checks for $10,550 have been sent to and received by The Fisher House and SMGA. The responses were as follows:

We have been so grateful for all the support the Ned Devine’s Golfing Society has raised the past couple of years. You guys have done a great job and we are thankful for all the hard work. All the best.

Bruce Phillips

Hotels for Heroes

Fisher House Foundation

Thank you very much for your support of the SMGA. This is an incredible donation that will help us bring the game of golf as a form of rehabilitation to an ever growing number of post-9/11 wounded warriors.

Hope all is well. Best Regards,

Jamie Winslow

Chairman/Co-Founder, SMGA

Thank you everyone who donated, solicited donations, played or volunteered, GREAT JOB! The 2012 committee is passing on about $3000 to the new committee so that's about $1000 more than the mandate...well done!

Renewals are coming in, thank you. Renewals need to be paid by the first event. If you have a credit card on file just email me and Deirdre will charge the $150.

Ideally we need a credit card on file for everyone. At the first event we will have forms to fill in or if you can do it now let me know and I will send you the form. We would like to use this method of payment for each event to lessen the load on the committee on the day.

Home Courses:

We have renewed the arrangement with the Raspberry Group. Basically we get about 20% off 364 days a year at Raspberry, Old Hickory, Augustine and Bull Run. They will have a list so just identify yourself. Please do not abuse this by claiming your friends are members!

They have stopped the 15% discount in the pro-shop (it was only used about three times). The only other change is that the non tournament fee on weekends at Bull Run has gone up by $5 because their rates have gone up.

They have compiled statistics on our use of the courses which is interesting. They have buttons on the registers to allow them to do that. We are certain they are not pushing enough buttons as we feel there have been more rounds played than accounted for and I am addressing that with them. According to them we are a $30,000+ client.

As part of our arrangement we are obligated to have an event at Augustine. I know its a drive but its a fine course so please try to sign up for that one. They are maintaining the 11 am starts at OH, BR and Aug which is huge for us and something that other courses refuse to do

2012 schedule:

The schedule is as follows:

-March 30th Bull Run 11 am

-April 27th 1757 11 am

-May 18th Old Hickory 11 am

-June 29th Augustine 11 am

-July 27th Raspberry Falls (strokeplay) 12pm/ July 28th 12 pm (16 leaders and ties)

-August 17th Heritage Hunt 12pm

-September 14th/15th Old Hickory/Raspberry Falls Ryder Cup

-September 28th Bull Run 12 pm (I am trying to get a new course like Blue Mash or Whiskey Creek in place of the second BR event, stay tuned)

-October 26th Pleasant Valley 12 pm

-November 23rd South Riding 11 am

Monthly events:

This year the committee will have "starters and closers" to help share the load on event days and to ensure scores are posted. The starters will collect money, hand out cards, ensure groups get to the first tee on time, sell raffle tickets, get credit forms filled out etc. The closers will collect cards from every group and tally scores and points and make sure everyone posts every score. To assist in the process your GHIN number will be printed on the cards and we will have a mobile GHIN app available

The format will remain stableford with a minus 1 for a net triple.

The year long flight tournaments will now run from March to October

The November season wrap up will be a member guest with the format to be decided

We are evaluating using a system called I-Wannamaker which allows us to keep score on one smart phone in each group and has fun facilities like instant leaderboards, communication between carts etc. I am setting up a web demonstration for the committee


The year long averages prove that the handicapping is pretty accurate as only three people averaged above their index. Please post every round that you play, we play for lots of $$ and need to be as accurate as possible. Every round, good AND bad should be posted. They all play into the calculation. As mentioned above we will ensure that at least every tournament round is posted Your VSGA GHIN will only be renewed when your dues are paid


This year we will hold the draw after the first event in March. The first round will not have to be played until the end of May, allowing two full months for payment to be made. If you bid you must fill out a credit card form but you have two months to pay. Non payment will mean a forfeit. To qualify to enter you must have played two events last year or the March event this year

Ryder Cup:

This year's event will now revert to two days, the first at Raspberry (Bull Run if we cancel their second event) and the singles at Old Hickory.

The party/pairing selections will take place on Friday

The average of the best three rounds will count toward automatic selection and there also be Captain's picks, probably 4.

Brian Schermerhorn will Captain the ROTW team and Justin will captain the US. Vice Captains to be selected later.


Raspberry will again host the strokeplay with the top 16 and ties playing free on day 2.

The qualifier's scores on day two WILL count toward the flight prizes

Wounded Warrior event:

We will not have a designated event this year but likely will in 2014. We will revert to a donation in the order of $3000 as in previous years

Topics deferred to next meeting:


-The long missing winter away trip/Robin (and Jeff) to investigate


-Member to member services (Dom and Brian to come up with ideas)

We had a meeting last night attended by all the committee except Brian: Finance: We have over $6000 in the bank with only the VSGA handicap fees outstanding. Thanks to those who have paid the 2013 dues already. Dues must be paid by the end of April but those of you playing Bull Run should be prepared to pay then. Deirdre will have her credit card swiper. We also want to have everyone's card on file so we can charge payments when authorized. This makes life so much more simple for us (especially for Deirdre) Every payment will be followed by a receipt. Make sure you get one. We have had several instances where members claim to have paid (and quite possibly have) but we have no record, so the simplest way to solve that is to give and receive a receipt. Membership: Trevor, Gary and Colin have been added to the list or returning members, welcome back! Bull Run: Tee times start at 11. Please be early to sort out dues etc Robin will facilitate getting the groups to the first tee on time so please follow her instructions Deirdre will be collecting the money and will go off last Mike will go first and gather all cards after each foursome finishes. Please give him the cards Please enter your scores....your GHIN number will be on the card so no excuse not to post in the club house The draw will be sent out Thursday or Friday morning 3 spots left The year long flight tournament and Ryder Cup qualifiers start at this event Blue Mash was confirmed to replace the second Bull Run event. Final schedule attached Matchplay: The draw/auction will take place at Ned's after the 1757 event in April To enter you must have played Bull Run or at least two monthly events last year This year payment MUST be made prior to the first round being played The first round must be completed by the end of June, giving you 30 to 60 days to play and to pay If you play before you pay, the match will have to be replayed as the result will be void Credit card forms will be available at the auction which can be authorized or at least be on file so you can authorize payment in time to play In the case of consortiums, the lead is responsible to pay and to collect from members of the group If you buy a player and he/she buys back half, you are still responsible to pay Email me if you want to play the matchplay Raffle: The draw will take place at Ned's after the Pleasant Valley event in October Raffle tickets will be available soon We need to sell all 600 this year, this is our major fund raiser and it allows us to do what we do Ryder Cup: Justin has chosen Charles Heston as his Vice Captain Charity: We will not be having a Wounded Warrior event this year Each tournament you will have the option of adding $5 to the $80 fee. 100% will go to Fisher House or Salute Military Golf The society will match every dollar raised THERE IS NO OBLIGATION, so don't feel like you are at Safeway and forced to add $1 to your bill for some charity!!! As the year goes on if anyone wants to donate more as you have done at the WW event, please feel free and Deirdre will account for it separately and we will donate at the end of the year in the name of the society We anticipate holding a WW event next year See you at Bull Run or the next event


- We have over $5000 in the bank with only the handicap fees outstanding Well over 50% have paid the renewals, the deadline is this month. Please pay Saturday or authorize Deirdre to charge your card. We won't pay your handicap fee if the renewal is not paid and your handicap will be de-activated

We collected almost $200 for Fisher House/SMGA through the voluntary donation with the tournament fee at Bull Run. Many of you, rather than pay the $5 opted to commit more than $100 at the end of the year when we will have a drive to raise as much as possible. We don't think that $10,000 is unreasonable to have as a goal.. Deirdre is accounting for everything separately and will report back in detail.


-We have 37 signed up

-As with Bull Run we will ask for $5 donation from anyone who wants to do so. Anyone who donates will be eligible for a draw that night for a free foursome, donated by 1757

-Pat O'Day will go first and stay late to collect EVERY card and encourage you all to post. As with BR your GHIN number will be on the card so there are no excuses. Don't forget to post as, not home or away, but tournament. Dom will go last and help with herding the cats to the first tee!!

Blind draw. There has been some rumblings, and deservedly so, about the drawing for pairs. I always try to accommodate requests and do a sort of random draw myself at home. Going forward we voted to do a blind draw every month. There are several rules/exceptions:

Everyone gets one favor per year!

The starter and card collector have to go in the last and first group respectively

Times will always be accommodated if you have to go early or late

Guests always play with the member who invited them


-We have 40 signed up

-There will be 8 play in matches, one in the top and one in the bottom of each quadrant, the winners entering the round of 32

-The play in matches need to be played by the end of June and the round of 32 by the end of July. No pay/no play.

-We will do the draw on Saturday after the auction. We will first draw the 16 lucky players who will be in the play-in matches.

The pay out will be calculated after the auction. There will be no payout for round of 32 winners this year

-We will again have a voluntary consolation bracket for anyone who loses in the play-in games or the round of 32. The entry fee will be $50 and the payout will depend on the number of entrants.

-We have again split the entrants into higher and lower handicaps. The draw will consist of alternate picks from each pot so we have an even split throughout the brackets


-The raffle tickets are printed and will be available on Saturday at the draw.

Everyone renewing gets four and we need your help to sell the remaining tickets. The draw is not until October so please take some and sell them.

You get a free ticket for every ten you sell.


Sean Foster has taken over the maintenance of Facebook and the website so look for improvements in the future. Thanks to Ken for his work over the past few year

We had a meeting last night attended by all the committee except Brian: Finance: We have over $8000 in the bank and the VGIN handicap fees have been paid. Only three members have not yet paid and will be contacted directly. Membership: Carley, Brannon and Dan were all voted in as members. Welcome!! Augustine: While the website is being revamped please sign up for this event on 6/29 by emailing me directly. Matchplay: Remember, no pay, no play so please authorize Deirdre to charge your entry fee BEFORE you play or arrange to get her the $$. Please check with your opponent to ensure they have paid up. Non payment will result in match forfeiture. All first round matches must be played in June. Please advise when you make your plans and also tell me the result. You may play any of our four home courses. Blue tees for men on BR, RF and Augustine, Yellow on OH. Red tees for the ladies. BR is the default course if you can't agree. Website update: Sean Foster has volunteered to update our website to include a payment facility and other cool features. Stay tuned for more details. Facebook will also be updated regularly by Sean.

We had a meeting last week attended by all the committee except for Ms. Deirdre who was out of town.

Membership: We have had three (now four) potential members find us, three from our new website and one who was impressed with the group at HH. They are likely playing Blue Mash and will play with a committee member as per the rules and then their application will be voted on

Blue Mash: The next event is on the 28th. Please sign up and pay on the website. We will be playing the white tees.

Tees: Following on from above we had a lengthy chat about tees in general We like to play tees that are around 6250 yards. Sometimes that is difficult. OH for example is either 6600 or 6000!! Cannon Run was fine but then had two tees from which many members couldn't get across the crap between the tee and the fairway. We decided to select tees on a month by month basis. Mike had an interesting formula adding age to index and playing off different tees. This will be a topic for the next committee for the 2014 season.

Raffle: This is crucial, please see separate email and do something! Tickets available at the Ryder Cup and Blue Mash.

Away trip: We are trying to start this again in February 2014. We are looking at options costing in the $750 range total. Robin and Jeff are doing the research and will report back. Please indicate if you would be interested

Ryder Cup: This great event will take place this coming weekend. ROTW will be captained by Brian with Jamie as Vice Captain. For the US it will be Justin and Pat O'Day. Stay tuned for the results.

We had a meeting last night attended only by myself, Robin and Wayne due to travel, illness and business commitments:

Membership: To maintain the necessary quorum, members we solicited by email, and a unanimous vote was taken to accept Billy Lockhart, Jeremy Durst and Dave Baron as new members....welcome!

Raffle: We went through all 600 raffle tickets and accounted for all of them (miraculously!). I have contract each of you who owes us stubs and money and am assured all will be received by Saturday. Thanks everyone....particular thanks to Pat O'Day who sold a gazillion!!! The draw for the main prize and 5 consolation prizes will be help at Ned's around 7 pm Saturday.

Pleasant Valley: We did a random draw and you have now received the pairings.

Winter trip: Robin, Jeff and Berl have done a lot of research on Alabama, Florida, Pinehurst and Myrtle. The consensus, for value and considering we are only a few months ago, is Myrtle. We are planning either the last weekend of February or the first in March. Friday morning returning Sunday night. It looks like we can get 3 rounds, villa accommodation and some food for less than $400. We are checking on flights. There is currently a direct flight available for $250. Within the next three weeks we will have a firm plan. Some people will drive, some will fly.


Finance: Deirdre will do a final reckoning now that we know everything that is due to be paid out. Everything above $2000 will be donated to The Fisher House. Details to follow before the New Year.

Fisher House Donation: As we did not have a Wounded Warrior event this year we are doing a Christmas drive and asking for donations, 100% of which will go directly to The Fisher House Kevin Wade started us off REALLY well with a $750 donation. Thanks Kevin, you always come through! There is a link on the website for donations. Anything, even $5 will help this great charity.

South Riding: We did the blind draw for the SR event

Polar Bear: We are reviving the Polar Bear tournament and are aiming for January 25th. We will again hold it at the Sterling Par 3. This is a fun event and will be held even if its snowing as in the past!

Annual General Meeting: The Polar Bear meeting will be followed by the AGM at which I will present the State of the Society Power Point, members will have a chance to bitch, compliment, suggest or just get drunk and we will have the vote for next year's committee. Stay tuned for details

New committee members: We are looking for new blood so, if you are interested, please let me know if you want to run

Winter trip: We are going to the Legends in Myrtle Beach the second weekend in March. We will stay two nights and play three rounds. Accommodation will be condo style so we can drink and play cards and generally make fools of ourselves. The cost will be around $350. Airfare is currently $325 leaving DCA early Friday and returning Sunday at 3. If you are flying you should book on your own. Driving will take about 7 1/2 hours according to Mapquest.

Finance: The bad news is that we ended with a deficit of almost $850 but with checks still to be cashed, Fisher House to be paid and renewals already received we have $5303 in the bank. Deirdre has done a great job reconciling everything.The major reasons for the loss were the payment of large prizes even when the turnout was low; more players qualifying for the second day of the matchplay (we pay) and lack of sponsorship. Jim T, Clint, Chris W, Rob, Gordo please deposit the checks you should have. We have come up with ways to make sure this doesn't happen again. We have always had a goal to pass on $2000 to the next committee but as long as we can do what we do for the membership, breaking even works too

Membership: We have about 70 members with three out of town members and two lifetime honorary members If you are not renewing please let me know immediately Members introducing new members get a $25 credit We are looking for new members but only those who want to fully participate in golf and the camaraderie afterward also We desperately need you to update your personal information. Please review the attached and send me any changes Please go on line and pay the $160 renewal as soon as possible. Thanks to those of you who have already paid

2014 schedule:

The 2014 schedule is attached and includes Piedmont Country Club and 4 courses voted on by the members who were at the AGM. We will continue to vote on courses beyond our home courses and PV/SR at each year's AGM

Monthly tournaments:

We decided against raising the tournament fee to $85 as we want to continue to provide value to the members. However, we decided to adjust the prizes for events with lower attendance. If you think about it offering $460 in prizes whether we have 48 or we have 22 playing doesn't make sense so our new prize schedule is as follows:

  • Events with over 40 $250, $130, $80 No change
  • Events with 35 to 40 $150, $80, $50
  • Events with 30 to 35 $150, $80 No 3rd
  • Events with under 30 $100, $50 No 3rd

There will still be two 2somes for closest to the pins We will again have a volunteer starter who will get you to the tee on time or adjust foursomes if someone is late and a volunteer in the first group who will gather all the cards at the end and ensure the cards are scored properly and encourage you to post! Please get to the course in plenty of time each month

Handicaps: You are all aware of the handicap situation that transpired last year over the flight winners Every member has an obligation to post EVERY score, every time you play Post low scores, post high scores, they ALL count in the USGA calculation You can post on line in seconds at Encourage everyone you play with to post We can only practically monitor your posting after tournaments so, before each event Sean will check each entrant and if you have not posted the previous tournament score you will not be eligible to win. I will advise you before the event to give you a chance to post. Non posting will also rule you out of the Ryder Cup and the Flight event If the committee is advised that you had some great rounds and have not posted the same rule may apply so don't put yourselves or the committee in this position, please We are playing for a lot of money, do the right thing, its easy! You can post old scores now if you haven't posted for a while

Matchplay: This year we will hold the auction from 5-7pm at Ned's, the night before our opening tournament. This will act as a season opening get together as well as the auction. We will provide drinks and it will be a great night To be eligible you must have played in two events last year or have signed up for the first event and you must have posted scores so if you have not, enter some now or between now and then We have researched the matchplay handicap rules as a result of Todd's comments at the AGM (see there is a reason to speak your mind!) and there is precedent for the 75% calculation that we have been using not only in Europe but here also. In fact, in the US, there is an 80% rule. The committee is reviewing the research and will make a decision before the start of the tournament. As the committee is made up of 4 under 15 handicaps and 4 over 15 the discussion will be lively and fair The first round will take place in April and, as usual, one month is allowed for the completion of each round Payment must be made by the end of April. If you are in a consortium, one person must assume responsibility to pay

Year long flight event: We are combining the two flight for this year long event Prizes are now $500, $400, $300, $200 and $100 for 1st through 5th. The winners are based on the average of your best four scores

Charity drive: We are delighted to let you know that we raised $2,873.44 for the Fisher House and Deirdre will write them a check and send it off Thanks to EVERYONE who donated This does not include a large donation by Pat Barron directly to Fisher House, well done Pat!

Website: We have a new website, thanks to great work by Sean Foster The password for the members area is neds2013 Sean is also going to be maintaining our FB site Please like us and visit the site and participate, its important to attract new members

Sponsorship: We fell short this year and need to encourage sponsorship Let us know if you have any ideas or potential sponsors. If we can get $300 per event we would be rocking and rolling and could provide many more discounted services

Inter Pub Challenge: We decided it would be fun to see if we could arrange an Irish pub league, or even just a few events I am going to reach out to them to see if there is any interest

Issues for future meetings: Winter 2015 trip WW event Member to member marketing IWannamaker live event tracking

We had a meeting right before the auction on Saturday 3/22 attended by the full committee.

Finance: We have paid The Fisher House over $2800 and received their acknowledgement. They are amazed at our continued support and very grateful Thank you to all who contributed.

Membership: We now have 64 members and are actively accepting more members provided they play fast, understand golf etiquette and want to participate in the after parties! You get $25 for every member you introduce.

Piedmont: The prize money will be $150 and $80 per the new rules for events with 30 to 35 entrants. The usual bar tab will be available at Piedmont due to the lateness and it being on a Sunday

Tees for tournament: In order to help the pace of play we are implementing the following rule: Any member whose age and handicap add up to over par on the event day may play off one tee forward of the rest of the field

Matchplay: After several votes it was decided to use a factor of 80% as the adjustment for this year's matchplay. This is based on research which shows 80% to have a precedent in the US.

We seeded the players for the draw and will have equal numbers of high and low handicaps in each quadrant

Irish pub events: I have tried for a few months now to get interest from all the Irish pubs around the area. While there was initial interest from O'Sullivans, O'Faolains, The Auld Shebeen, Four P's and Four Courts interest faded other than from O'Sullivans and O'Faolains. We decided to just go ahead and arrange a "Battle of the Irish Pubs" event in Mid-June and see who signs up. Stay tuned for details.

Paddy's Memorial: Remember this will be on 3/30 from 3 - 5pm. All are encouraged to attend. Graham and Gordo have kindly donated the food in Paddy's honor. The committee has allocated $$ to buy a plaque in Paddy's honor to be permanently displayed in the golf area of the pub.

We had a committee meeting last week attended by myself, Mike, Deirdre, Andre and Justin. Jamie and Sean were unavailable.

Finance:: We have a healthy bank account, which is good as the strokeplay is coming up and the committee sponsors the leading 16 and ties for a second round on the Sunday We are now at break even for our tournaments, helped by the new prize fund which is based on the numbers participating. It is important that we at least break even each month. Anyone interested in sponsoring an event would be much appreciated. In return you would have access to the email list to explain what you may have to offer

Membership:While we have lost quite a few members over the last year we have gained an equal amount. The following were voted in having played at least once with a committee member and passed the qualification test: Anthony Forde, Pete Mitesser, Gibby LeBoeuf and Jay Soni....welcome! Anyone introducing a new member gets $25

Handicapping:Please remember to enter your scores. You will not be eligible to win if you do not have an up to date handicap. You will also not be eligible for the Ryder Cup. Remember, you should enter every time you play. NGS has a local rule that says you must enter any round in the matchplay also. If you are given a short putt that you would reasonably expect to putt count it. If you are given a 40' putt as the hole has already been one, count it as two putts

Ryder Cup:As we now have only 18 international members we expect this years event will only have 12 per side. As a result we will hold the event on one day only on September 13th. The party and draw qill take place at Ned's on the 12th. Brian Schermerhorn and Justin will again be Captains. Qualification started at last years September event and continues through the strokeplay in July. Qualification is based on your best three rounds. There will also be Captain's selections.

Pub Challenge: I tried to get some sort of league going with other pubs. While there was interest, it never materialized. We are going to have a one day pub challenge in August. Stay tuned for details

Away trip:We have tried to re-establish the winter trip to the sun but without success so far. We are now planning a long weekend away like we did previously to Williamsburg and to Carroll Valley in PA. Stay tuned for details

We had a meeting last night with all committee members in attendance. It was Jamie's last meeting as he is abandoning his parents and moving away! God speed Jamie, thanks for serving.

Finance: We have a healthy bank balance of over $7000 but there is $$ outstanding for matchplay, events and even a few dues. You have all been contacted, please pay NOW what is owed. Thanks!

Membership: Having satisfied all the criteria for membership Dave Kenna was voted in as a full member.

Strokeplay: Please see separate email with rules and details. There will be a free bar at Ned's on Saturday and at the course to celebrate the winner on Sunday

Matchplay: With a revised total for bids of just over $8000 the payouts are as follows:

  • $300 for each round of 8 loser
  • $800 for each semi final loser
  • $1700 for the runner up
  • $3500 for the winner
  • First Annual Inter Pub Tournament:

    See email. Includes Ned's, Shebeen, O'Failans, O'Sullivans, Jimmy's, and Mediterranean Breeze

    Winter trip:Jamie is moving to Fort Mill SC, just ten miles south of Charlotte. He will be arranging trip for us in February. Frontier has just started service at $49 direct from Dulles. If might be a bit cold but we have tried for a long time to restart the trip and this is an opportunity to at least get it going again and at a reasonable price. Stay tuned for details.