Results 2015

Results 2015

Congrats to Dave Lewis who won on a count back from Helen with 37 points and to Mike Skigen, new member who took third with 36. Dave Kane (unless Nick did but I think he was kidding) and Dave Baron won two rounds at Westfields for the closest to the pins.

It was a cold day but the 42 who played enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to Erik Fawl who took first place from Carl Thomas on a count back with 39 points. Congrats also to Stevie who beat Mike for third also on a count back with 37 points.

Jay Soni and Carl won closest to the pins.

Thanks to Mike Foster for bidding $250 for the foursome all of which will go to Fisher House.

Congratulations to Eric who won with 40 pts, Justin 2nd with 37 and Jeff third on a coun tback with 36. Brian and Carl Morris won the closest to the pins. Thanks to Andy who bought the foursome for $250 all of which will go to the Fisher House. Thanks again to Robbie for arranging the sponsorship (check out his copoany on our website if you need financial planning) and to Pat Barron for throwing $80 into the kitty!
Fighting really heavy rough Jeremy won with 39 points, Glenn was second with 37 and PK third with 35.
Congratulations to Travis Ollum who won $100 for low gross on Saturday and the overall net by 3 shots with an amazing total of 17 under par. Congrats also to: Sean Foster who won $300 with a total of 14 under Carl Morris who won $200 with a total of 13 under and Chris Williams who won $100 with a total of 9 under
Congrats to Jeremy who beat Mike on a countback. Jeremy you have $120 credit and Mike, you have $50. Travis now takes third and has $80 credit.
Congratulations to Jeremy with an amazing 44 who came first, Jim T who must have been shocked not to win with a great 43 and Travis in third with 39. Eoin, a new member prospect all the way from Ireland and Jeff won closest to the pins.
Congratulations to Jim Temenek who won with a great score of 42 points. Stevie also had a great score with 40 and came second Congrats to Dave Kerley and and PK for winning closest to the pins.