Tournament Results 2013-2014

Wayne won with 39 points followed by Peter in second place and Dom in third, who won on a countback with Gordo and Steve. All had 37 points. Phil and Gary's best Dave won closest to the pin.
Congratulations to Jim Temenek who won with 41 points closely followed by Todd Rist and George Bowns second and third with 40, beating out Stevie on a countback. Barry McMahon and Patrick's guest won closest to the pin and Sandy won the draw for a free foursome from the wounded warrior collection
Congratulations to Andre with an impressive 41 points and to Christine who came second and Dave Johnson both with 34 and winning on a count-back with two others. Wayne and Phil won closest to the pins.
Congratulations to Charles Heston who won with 39 pts on a count-back with Clint Crouse. Klaus was third with 37 pts. Klaus and Clint won closest to the pins Sean Foster, a former member, actually had the best round and scored a remarkable 49 pts to earn a free membership

Barry McMahon won the best gross with an amazing 72/71.

Stevie won Saturday's best net with 65.

Gary won $100 for 4th on a countback with Robin.

Then the real deal unfolded. Gordo, Stevie and Wayne tied for low net with 135. (it may have been 136 but I have been drinking so get over it!!).

The rules are a playoff on 1 and strokes fall where they lie on the card. So, Wayne and Stevie got a stroke and poor old Gordo did not. Dems the breaks.

With about 15 people following in borrowed carts (Clint stole my pint!!) we watched the drama unfold. Wayne drove down the middle. Stevie did also. Gordo hit his drive 756 yards to the left side about 50 yards from the pin but to a short pin, over the bunker and a down hill roll to the pin.

Wayne had a little bit of a skull into the bunker but played a fine shot to about 30 feet. Steve played a solid but conservative shot to about 30 feet. Gordo hit a miracle shot to about 8 feet. Wayne hit an amazing put that grazed the edge.....Wayne is now toast!

Stevie cosied a putt to 18". All down to Gordo who hit a fabulous putt that lipped out. Stevie Fyvie, winner winner chicken dinner!

Congratulations to Gary Quinn first with 43, Liam Doherty second with 40, Pat O'Day third with 39. Jack Yohe and Brian Schermerhorn won closest to the pins.

We had an excellent three days starting on Friday night at Ned's where the draw for the first day was held. Saturday was a close affair at Bull Run with the ROTW leading the USA by just 1 by close of business. Sunday at Old Hickory was a different story with Team ROTW winning the first 7 matches and holding on for a 17-12 victory making it only the third time in ten years that team ROTW holds the cup.

Thanks to both BR and OH for the support and for the condition of the courses. Thanks also to Brian and Justin and their able lieutenants, Jamie and Pat, for all the hard work. I really believe, and heard similar comments for many participants, that this was one of the better run Ryder Cups we have had.


We had 34 on a great day at Blue Mash, including three new members, Dave Baron, Billy Lockhart and Jeremy Duett.

Congratulations to Jamie with 42, Peter with 41 and Clint with 39 who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Congrats also to Jamie and Ken for winning closest to the pins.

We had 32 on a nice but breezy day. Congratulations to Stevie who beat Klaus on a count back with 37 and Dave Johnson who came in third with 33.
We had 22 on a good but very cold day on Saturday at South Riding. Congratulations to Gary with an amazing 39 followed by Jamie and Colin with 33. Gordo took the prize for closest to the pin.
Congratulations to Mike Foster who won, Chris Won who came second both winning with 34 points on a count back with George and Dom. Jamie and Sean won closest to the pins.
Congratulations to Robin for winning on a count back with 39 points. Doug took second. Brian Cornell and Klaus won the closest to the pins.
Congratulations to Berl who beat Helen on a count back. Mike Pollino came in third. Congratulations also to Dave Baron and Liam who won the closest to the pins
Congratulations to Helen who won with 39 points. Jay Soni came in second with 38. Sean Foster and Ken Canard won closest to the pins.
9 hardy individuals turned up. Doug Reid won first with 35 points. Well done Doug.
Congrats to Sandy for winning with 41 points.
I would say Mr. John McCarthy has had a great year! John beat Jeff in a tough final by the score of 2/1.