Results 2016

We had an unbelievable turnout Saturday at Westfields. Thanks to everyone who participated........all 75 of you, a record by 13! The weather co-operated and a great day was had by all.

Congratulations to:Jim Temenek 43 points

Helen Lanes 42 points

Travis Ollom 41 points

and to Jason Brooks and Mike Ivey for winning closest to the pins!

We had 55 at Stonewall yesterday and a great day was had by all. We had one no show for whom we had paid already and had another member on standby who would have played. If you can't make it you MUST let me know. Thanks. What a great course! The weather participated and a great crowd went back to Ned's afterwards. Remember the foundation of the society was based on craic (geelic for fun) and camaraderie so the party after is an important part of the day. Congratulations to Colm Everard, the winner with an amazing score of 47 (Dave Kane is hoping he got all his shots out of the way as they play their match today!!) Congratulations also to Mark Sutherland with 41 and Deirdre with 40 who took second and third. Colm and Doug Bricker won closest to the pins.
Congratulations to Mike Foster with an excellent 43 points who beat Jim Temenek with an also excellent 41 points. Deirdre and Jim T won closest to the pins with two very good shots.
We had 53 on a beautiful day! Congratulations to Graham with a fabulous 46 followed by Travis and Jeremy with 42. Congrats also to Mark Bohn and John McCarthy for winning CTPs!
Congratulations to Todd Rist whose name will be forever emblazoned on our honors board at Ned's. Todd has been in the final foursome three years in a row and finally made it count! Well done. Winners as follows: Overall: Todd 4 under $500 2nd: Stevie 4 under $300 3rd: Nick 2 under $200 4th: Moi! 1 under $100 Low Gross Jason $100 Low net first day: Todd $100 CTPs on Saturday Moi and Nick
We had 37 on a beautiful day on a great course that was in awesome shape. Congratulations to Mick Lacey and Sandy. Mick beat Sandy on a countback, both scored 35. Congratulations also to Colm Codd and Mick Lacey who won closest to the pins.
What a fantastic course! We had 41 on a VERY windy day! Congratulations to Nick Guthrie who had 37 and won a tie break with Mark Bohn (2nd), Deirdre (3rd) and Travis and Liz. Well done!
What a beautiful day it turned out to be..........shirt sleeve weather and the course was in great shape. Congratulations to Justin who won with 38 points and to Mark Bohn who clearly cheated his way into second over me both with 37 points. Personally I think he reversed the nines on his card so he could win on the back nine count back but we will never know!!! ;) Chris Williams and Mike Maguire won closest to the pins!